Use Phone

Quotation Rooms

Take a new spin on Quotations with our interactive and dynamic Quotation Rooms.


Contract Rooms

Get alerts and updates in real time for any changes made to the contract.


Store and share all your documents and content from Hiwac seamlessly on H Drive.


An in-house probability indicator that uses performance history, mutual transactions, industry and key markets to gauge probability of success.

Admin Logs

Get real time updates on the performance of your network members.

Administrative Settings

Transfer inactive accounts to new network members seamlessly. Manage permissions of each network member.

Claim Management System

Manage your claim in Insurance Contract.

Dispute Resolution System

File dispute, negotiate and get ruling from a mutually agreed arbitrator.


Inventory Management with auto generated invoice, stock in and stock out receipt.


Market your product and services across Hiwac using our in-house targeted marketing solutions.